Senior .Net Developer

Yangon, Myanmar

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Client side:

  1. .NET Development (3 years of experience)
  2. Xamarin cross platform (iOS, Android, Windows) app development (3 years of experience)
  3. REST web service access
  4. JSON data exchange between server and client app
  5. SQLite for mobile app development
  6. Both verbal and written communication in English (Strong English communication skill is required)

Commonly expected to:

  1. Follow SOLID and GRASP principles
  2. Employ OOP concept
  3. Self-test the module before submitting to a tester
  4. Report development progress daily basis in English writing
  5. Use Git or TFS(Team Foundation Server) version control system
  6. Be reliable

Job Description 

  • Receiving instructions from the overseas supervisor and report back to him daily basis. Close communication with the supervisor is required.

  • Will build a part of project management system as a cross platform .Net Application for iOS, Android, and Windows PC cooperating with server system developer.

  • Should conduct Unit Test, and provide customer support.

  • Is expected to produce English documentation regarding the code.