CRM Solution (BS CRM)


 BS CRM is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, enterprise class customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It is rich in features and functionality and fast to implement. Using BS CRM, companies can efficiently manage and improve all customer facing operations like sales, marketing & customer services. It enables companies to manage and seamlessly share information across departments by centralizing all customer data. BS CRM is powerful, yet simple-to-use. BS CRM unique architecture ensures that companies experience the benefits of a CRM solution without associated operational issues. 

1. Customer Profile Management

        Corporate Customer, Individual Customers

        Additional Demographic Information

        Asset Management (Agreement and Purchased Products)

        Manage multi addresses and locations linked to Map( Google Map)

        Customer Single View ( 360 Degree )

2. Service Request

        Capturing Service Request, Complaint , Inquiry and Other Customer Request Information

        Automatic Assignment According to SR Type and Customer

        Automatic Time Due by SR Type, Sub Type and Customer Type

        Multiple Activities Relationship and Assignment

        Status Tracking and Dashboard To Monitor

        Service Escalation and Assignment

3. Activity Management

        Scheduling Task for Future Plan and History

        Due Date For Task Completion

        Attachment and Detail information of Activity

        Seamless integration to Mobile Platform

        Status Tracking and Dashboard to Monitor

        Link To Service Request

4. Agent Tracking

        Tracking and Monitoring current agent’s/employee’s Location

        Get current location from Mobile App in real time

        View of History of agent’s/employee’s location

        Monitor via Map , and Assign closest agent to handle the case/service request.

5. Campaign Management

        Campaign Planning, Budget and Cost

        Campaign Execution Options (Manual, Auto)

        Multi Prospect/Customer List Management

        Multi Attachments for Campaign

        Multiple Treatments (SMS, Email, Call, Face-to –face)

        Campaign Execution Results

        Easy agent/employee View for Assigned Campaign

6. Offer/Prospect / Script Management

        Offer to Customer with Products

        Scripts for Employees to Communicate with Customers/Prospects

        Import Prospect List (using CSV Excel Format)

        Extract Customer List from Database with Various Conditions (using Demographic Info)

        Reusable Prospect/Customer List

7. Knowledge Management

        Basic Solution Data/Information

        Tag Base Search

        Tree/Hierarchy Structure for Easy Search and Access

        Document Attachment

        Attachment Preview

        Branch/Site Search 

8. Survey Management

        Multi Questions and Answers

        Based on Answer, Next Question is determined

        Hierarchy/Tree Structure of Questions

        Standard Survey Report

        Support Mobile Survey 

9. Other

        Chat To Agent / Supervisor

        Notification / Message Broad Casting

        CTI/Call Integration 

        Dashboard and Excel Standard Report

        User Management 

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CRM Mobile Agent

Connecting To CRM Backend Server

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Mobile Agent

·   Native Android App (IOS is under development)

·   Offline Database and Synchronization To Main Database

·   Task/ Job Scheduling and Task/ Job Management

·   Customer Profile

·   Chat To HQ Supervisor

·   Notification For Task/ Job Assignment

·   Location Tracking and Customer Location