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Blue Stone is an integrated IT service and solution provider with services ranging from IT consulting to systems integration. Our core focus is on providing excellent quality service to customers, paving way for long-term relationship. We endeavor to associate and work closely with them to understand their needs and serve them better - we believe in nurturing our customers and growing alongside with them.

What We Do

Provision of comprehensive IT Consulting and Solution Development

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Group of passionate and dedicated people focused on customer satisfaction


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Your business is unique and so are your needs. At Blue Stone, we focus on targeting the customers to solutions they are specifically looking for. This is done through our End-to-End Service Process.


Industry and business domain experts that work with customers through all cycles of IT consulting, investigation and assessment.


Advanced business solutions for customers from all industry and sizes (ERP, CRM, Banking, Analytics, and more).


Delivering outputs tailored to customer requirements, in given project environment (Custom App, Offshore Development).

project implementation

Utilization of proven project management &implementation methodology to ensure optimization and efficiency.

professional service

IT Professional Services to tackle any given IT related issues, including general IT Managed Services to problem fixing and reporting.

maintenance & Operation

Flexible IT Maintenance programs, including Cloud operational services, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, and more .


our domain expertise


As the world's economy grow more dependent on the timely delivery of digital information, the telecommunications industry is challenged with providing new and innovative services while ensuring core capabilities are delivered in a stable, efficient manner.

Every Insurers face internal challenges in relation to the productivity of their agents, brokers, and employees, and to reduce the cycle time for their product launches, improve their customers’ experience, and reduce the time, cost and effort in administering their policy transactions

Manufacturing firms are leveraging new digital technologies to accelerate output by improving productivity, streamlining operations, and reducing time to market. Technology is a key success factor to stay competitive and stay ahead of ever-complex regulation and rules.

Digital transformation is impacting every aspect of the society, including government at all levels. They are realizing the need to increase the productivity of their public services and introduce more "citizen-focused" solutions at all levels.

Financial institutions have consistently been investing to evolve through the adoption of digital technology in their services, while looking for secure banking solutions to keep costs low while streamlining operations to stay competitive.

Retail industry has seen drastic changes in the past couple of decades with shift in the way customers shop and interact with the retailers. As consumption patterns change, the industry is constantly searching opportunities for growth.

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Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

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